On August 23, 2016 I put a Go Pro camera on a pole and submerged it in a salmon farm run by Marine Harvest. gopro misdsummerThere were large numbers of farmed Atlantic salmon lined up against the nets, barely moving. This is the classic behaviour reported for fish suffering from the disease caused by the piscine reovirus. It was alarming how many fish were visibly suffering in each pen.Go Pro Midsummer HSMI?They were so sluggish they even lay against the camera. They had no energy and were barely alive. This one has pimples all over it. Go Pro Midsummer pimples There were fish with huge boils on them. Is this the highly contagious furunculosis, a bacteria disease that has plagued salmon farms since the beginning? When the first farms came into Musgamagw Dzawada’enuxw territory they had outbreaks of furunculosis that spread a few months later to coho salmon coming into Scott Cove Creek. Within two years all the over-wintering chinook salmon vanished from the area.Go Pro Midsummer LumpThere were farmed salmon starving to death, too ill to eat. Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 11.51.34 AM As I looked into one pen I saw a school of tiny immature herring, so young they were still transparent. I lowered the camera and shot video of farmed Atlantic salmon rising from the depths and eating the herring. Go Pro Midsummer strike This video is a compilation of what I filmed, including video of Atlantic salmon preying on the juvenile wild fish. This is the first hard evidence after decades of rumours that salmon farmers are using wild fish to feed the fish in the pens.Go Pro Herring Midsummer Is this why the industry is so reluctant to get out of the ocean? Because they are getting free food at a time when the rising cost and increasing scarcity of forage fisheries is threatening their business? DFO has been harassing commercial fishermen all summer for illegal by-catch, so it will be interesting to learn what DFO is going to do about farm fish consuming  wild fish entrapped by commercial salmon farms.  In my view, this little school of wild fish was not going to last the afternoon, it was shrinking while I was there as the farm salmon attacked them. No one is going to record this by-catch and I have no reason to believe this is not happening every day in every pen on every farm. Canada, is this OK with you? Is it OK that these Norwegian companies are taking unregulated amounts of fish to increase the payments to their shareholders? Free food is cheap food and as we see, Marine Harvest is facing devastatingly high costs. I am making it easy for you to stop this plunder: Sign the pledge not to eat farmed salmon https://www.voyageforsalmon.ca/pledge/ Sign the petition to the Minister of Fisheries https://you.leadnow.ca/petitions/salmon-farms-virus-pollution And for Canadians sign this government petition to get the industry out of the water: https://petitions.parl.gc.ca/en/Petition/Details?Petition=e-463 Dzawada'enuxw Martin Sheen