I Pledge to Never Eat Farmed Salmon

        Farmed salmon gasping for air on surface of pen

I Pledge to Never Eat Farmed Salmon

        Salmon are dying in the pens

I Pledge to Never Eat Farmed Salmon

        Hereditary Chief Joe Willie -  Dzawada'enuxw Firat Nation - serves eviction notice to fish farm company operating in traditional waters without consent

I Pledge to Never Eat Farmed Salmon

        Sponge coral dying near salmon farm

I Pledge to Never Eat Farmed Salmon

        Sea lice infected salmon smolt

I Pledge to Never Eat Farmed Salmon

        Coastal communities call for a ban on salmon farms

For the ocean’s health

Salmon farms are industrial feedlots in the ocean. They pollute the ocean with disease— the most dangerous pollutant there is. Sea lice from salmon farms are eating wild salmon to death. And when salmon farms kill wild salmon, the bears and whales starve. Salmon farming removes vast quantities of wild fish from the ocean to make farm salmon feed.  They starve one ocean to pollute another ocean.

And for your health

Farmed salmon is much fattier than wild salmon. Those white stripes of fat mean it is farm salmon. Doctors and scientists warn that farm salmon fat contains high toxin levels of dioxins and dioxin-like compounds. When we eat these toxins our body holds them, storing them in our fat. Mothers download their toxins to their babies, threatening the development of the baby’s brain.

There are solutions, but the salmon farmers say it is too expensive for them to protect wild salmon by moving farmed fish into closed tanks on land.


We say polluting the ocean with disease is too expensive for everyone.


Pledge not to eat farmed salmon and help keep our oceans alive.

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