You Can Help Support Alexandra's Work to Protect Wild Salmon

Take a personal pledge to never eat farmed salmon. Salmon raised in open pen fish farms are harmful to wild salmon, to other marine wildlife, and are not a healthy food choice. Read labels carefully when shopping and eating in restaurants. Ask if you are not sure. Spread the word.
Sign the petition demanding the Canadian Minister of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans enact legislation to remove salmon fish farms from the ocean.
Canadian citizens and residents of Canada can also sign a petition in support of Member of Parliament Fin Donnelly's private member's bill requiring the aquaculture industry to rapidly transition away from open net-cage fish farms to safe and reliable closed containment systems. The petition is open until November 3, 2016.
This critical research and advocacy work is supported by individual citizens like you making mostly small contributions. Please consider making a donation so that this important work can continue.